Workers' Compensation

LMCIT’s fundamental purpose is to cover the workers’ compensation risks of Minnesota cities and to mitigate hazards—not to show a profit for stakeholders. The organization was created by cities, for cities, and makes serving cities a priority. LMCIT funds not needed for claims, expenses, or reserves are returned to members as a dividend.

Coverages are designed to be comprehensive and to meet members’ coverage needs as simply as possible, including some areas of related risks that aren’t covered by standard workers’ compensation policies. LMCIT uses its own unique coverage documents to provide coverage to member cities.

Get details about workers’ compensation coverages:

LMCIT Workers’ Compensation Coverage Guide (pdf)

  • Learn about the workers’ compensation statute and the unique coverage features offered by LMCIT.
  • Understand premium and deductible options.
  • Get information on filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ compensation coverage changes and rates for 2019: