Training & Conferences

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2018 Safety & Loss Control Workshops

Hands-on, affordable training is headed your way this spring! Attend the location nearest you to hear the latest news you can use and get practical tips to take back to your job. We have content applicable to administrators, police, public works professionals, building engineers, insurance agents that work with your city, HR professionals, parks & rec staff, and more!

Minnesota Mayors Association 2018 Annual Conference

Join mayors from across Minnesota for the Minnesota Mayor’s Association 2018 Annual Conference as together we explore how to be the leaders our communities require in times that can be challenging.

2018 Annual Conference

Get your bags packed and ready to head off to Camp #MnCities this June for the League of Minnesota Cities 2018 Annual Conference! What will you discover as you join hundreds of your fellow city campers?

2018 Clerks' Orientation Conference

Learn about the Open Meeting Law, data practices, and legal compliance issues—and get grounded in human resources issues, internal controls, financial management, and loss control basics and claims procedures during this orientation conference.

Recorded Webinar: Residential Service Lines—Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Until There’s a Problem

Learn how offering residents affordable repair plans in advance of major infrastructure upgrades could mitigate homeowners' problems and reduce potential calls and complaints to the city. This webinar answers your questions about a program available through the National League of Cities.

LMC Webinars

The League frequently offers webinars on timely issues affecting cities. Recent webinars have been presented on:
—2018 Legislative Preview and City Advocacy
—Complying with the New Small Cell Wireless Law
—Finance Fundamentals for City Clerks
—What's in YOUR Brain? Understanding Unconscious Bias
—Hackers and Crackers: Your Cybersecurity Toolkit
—Drones in the City—How to Fly within the Law

City Learning Point—professional online training for Minnesota cities

This online training program provides city officials and staff with professional development opportunities created specifically for them. Sign up now for the new Respectful Workplace course, and check out the Human Resources Basics for Managers Series and the first course in the Land Use Series.