Training & Workshops

Training and Workshops are meant to provide timely and important information to help cities mitigate risks. LMCIT offers general and customized training on a range of topics, including:

Collaboration Services

If your city needs help working together, understanding roles, being transparent, or avoiding conflict, LMCIT's Collaboration Services can work with your city to solve issues.
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FirstNet Safety Training

All LMCIT members can register for this program to gain access to training provided by FirstNet Learning.
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Land Use

LMCIT's land use attorneys provide a range of training services to assist cities with the unique concerns involved in land use decision making.
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PATROL—Peace officer Accredited Training OnLine

This web-based learning tool for Minnesota law enforcement officers provides extensive web-based courses on current legal issues, and research on important developments affecting Minnesota law enforcement.
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Regional Safety Groups

Minnesota cities have a range of state and federal OSHA mandates with which they must comply. LMCIT's Regional Safety Groups initiative assists its small city (population less than 30,000) work comp members in meeting these standards.
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Safety & Loss Control Workshops

Each spring, LMCIT holds a series of one-day workshops at locations throughout the state. These sessions focus on providing practical information for cities to help avoid losses and reduce the costs of losses that may occur. Several tracks are offered for various staff, including public works, fire, peace officers, administration, elected officials, and parks and recreation. These workshops are inexpensive and registration fees include informational materials from all the sessions.
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Specialized Loss Control Workshops

Workshops are offered at various locations annually in the fall on a variety of topics. Depending upon the topic, participants will participate in hands-on simulations, learn about OSHA standards and requirement, and receive sample policies and models, and more.