Member Forums

One of the League's core roles is to connect member city officials with each other. Member forums are an excellent way for city staff and elected officials—from cities across the state of all sizes and circumstances—to share common concerns, learn about innovative approaches, explore big ideas, and reflect upon what it means to be a city leader.

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Member Forums vs. Listservs
Member forums are an enhanced version of the listservs the League has operated for several years. In addition to participating in the traditional manner (where each participant receives email sent to the group and can respond via email to the group) you can now utilize "forum" functionality. Forums allow participants to easily view past messages. We currently plan to keep messages viewable in the forum format for one year from the posting date. Participants can select from among three options for viewing / receiving messages (all options include access to messages through logging into the forum):

  • Receive each message via email when it is posted (the traditional listserv approach, and the default setting);
  • Receive messages via email in a grouped digest sent once daily; or
  • Do not receive messages via email, accessing messages only by logging into the forum.

Eligibility for Participation

Please note that forums operated by the League of Minnesota Cities are intended only for League member city officials and city staff, and in the case of co-sponsored forums, are intended for the membership of the co-sponsoring League affiliate organization.

Legal Disclaimer

The League of Minnesota Cities will maintain a one-year record of member forum messages. The League provides these forums for general information-sharing purposes within the city community. Messages posted to these forums are not intended to provide legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for competent legal guidance. References to any specific commercial product, process or service included within messages posted to forums do not constitute or imply endorsement, or recommendation by the League of Minnesota Cities or its co-sponsoring affiliate organizations.