League Board Adopts 2018 Legislative Priorities

The legislative priorities are based on the Board’s assessment of member interest.
(Published Nov 20, 2017)

The League Board of Directors adopted a diverse list of legislative priorities on Nov. 9. The priorities will help focus the League’s advocacy efforts during the 2018 legislative session, which begins on Feb. 20, 2018.

The legislative priorities are based on the Board’s assessment of member interest, gleaned from discussions that occurred during the League’s policy committee process as well as discussions with members during the fall Regional Meetings and other membership interaction.

The priority list does not reflect the entire scope of the League’s anticipated activities at the Legislature during the 2018 legislative session. Additionally, the list may be modified by Board action.

Priorities for 2018 are (listed alphabetically):

  • Bonding (Water, Housing, Transportation)
  • Broadband Policy and Funding
  • City Street Funding
  • Email Retention
  • Funding Local Government Aid (LGA)
  • Housing
  • Pension Sustainability
  • Pre-emption/Local Control
  • Sales Tax Exemption on Construction Materials
  • Urban Forest Management Funding

Click on the image below to view the priorities in more detail.

These legislative priorities will guide the activity of the League's intergovernmental relations team in 2018.

The Board also approved the LMC 2018 City Policies on Nov. 9.

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