Legislative Action Center

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Get details on new laws in the League's 2018 Law Summaries

The 2018 Law Summaries will help city officials understand new laws that may impact city operations as well as provide information on proposed legislation that didn’t survive the legislative process.

Stay informed with the Cities Bulletin e-newsletter

Even when the Legislature is not in session, legislative-related news happens. Stay up to date on all the legislative news affecting cities with the League's Cities Bulletin.

2019 City Policies coming soon!

Every year, the League develops new legislative policies with considerable member input. The League's four policy committees have meetings from July to September, and the draft policies will be available for member review and feedback soon. They will then go to the LMC Board of Directors for approval in November.
—Learn more about the policy-development process

LMC webinars available online

The League regularly presents webinars on timely legislative topics, including the state budget, PERA, and other new regulations. If you missed one, you can listen to it at your convenience.
—Access recordings and presentation slides of recent webinars