Hot Topics: Summer Safety in Your City

The following are resources for keeping summer workers safe and providing safe summer recreation programs:

Heat hazards campaign
Federal OSHA has launched a new campaign to educate workers and employers about the hazards of working outdoors in the heat and steps needed to prevent heat-related illnesses. The program includes educational materials in English and Spanish, a curriculum for workplace training, and more. Also, a new OSHA-NIOSH Info Sheet, Protecting Workers from Heat Illness, is available.

LMCIT rental DVDs
LMCIT has rental DVDs available, with topics such as working in summer conditions and dealing with heat illnesses. To rent a DVD from LMCIT, send a message to

Hiring minors
If your city hires minors for summer recreation work, a guide to child labor standards is available on the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry’s website.

Summer recreation
LMCIT has information on providing safe recreation services, including festivals, recreation programs, pool and beach activities, skate parks, and more.

Streets and sidewalks
LMCIT has information and resources on street maintenance, including model inspection and maintenance policies.