League Welcomes New Deputy Director Luke Fischer

The League is pleased to announce the appointment of Luke Fischer to the position of deputy director. His first day of employment was Oct. 30.

In the position of deputy director, Fischer oversees the Training & Conferences Department, a function which plays a crucial role in member relations, engagement and outreach. LMC Member Services Director Kevin Frazell has been directing the Training & Conferences Department for the past 20 years, but is now working primarily on League Board priorities such as the race equity initiative.

The deputy director position also manages League facilities. This role includes several challenging projects over the next several years, including redesign of the League’s current building and development of League property on the same block.

Fischer has spent the past four years as administrative services director for the City of Plymouth and, prior to that, he was city administrator for Watertown and assistant to the city administrator in Delano. In the City of Plymouth, Fischer was responsible for communications, finance, information technology, transit, and the city clerk’s office. He helped create and develop a 10-year operational financial plan for the city and oversaw a redesign of the City Hall space.

Fischer is excited about joining the League’s team and is particularly interested in helping members learn from each other. “It is important that the League continue to showcase members that are doing things well,” he said. “Cities small and large routinely find creative solutions to common problems, and it is important that LMC curate innovative ideas and help all members see value in the work of other municipalities.”

The League has not had a deputy director position for nearly 20 years, when Sharon Klumpp held the role of associate executive director.

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