2018 Law Summaries: Find Out About New Laws Affecting Cities

The Legislature sent 114 chapters of new law to Gov. Dayton during the 2018 legislative session.
(Published Jun 18, 2018)

The 2018 Legislature sent 114 chapters of new law to Gov. Dayton before adjourning on May 21. The League’s 2018 Law Summaries will help you understand how these new laws will affect cities.

—Check out the 2018 Law Summaries (pdf)

In addition to new laws that may impact city operations, the Law Summaries publication provides information on proposed legislation that didn’t survive the legislative process. The publication highlights relevant new laws, but is not intended to be comprehensive legal advice.

The session was short and focused on a handful of issues such as:

  • Conforming with federal tax laws.
  • Making small changes to the biennial budget.
  • Stabilizing the state’s major public employee plans.
  • Investing in public assets through passage of a bonding bill.

The session concluded with both successes and failures. Both the pension and bonding omnibus bills were signed into law. However, negotiation on the omnibus supplemental budget and tax bills were not as fruitful. Both bills met their fates on the governor’s desk when he wielded his veto pen in the days following the Legislature’s adjournment.

If you have any questions about new laws or legislation summarized in the 2018 Law Summaries, please contact a member of the League’s Intergovernmental Relations Department. The initials of the best staff member to contact for a particular law are listed at the end of each summary. You can find a key for the initials on page 3 of the 2018 Law Summaries.

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