Cities, Services & Funding: Broader Thinking, Better Solutions

Broader discussion on city services and funding continues

The League launched an effort in 2010 to help shape the future of Minnesota cities—the services you provide, how those services are delivered, and how they are paid for. The goal was to engage in a dialogue with Minnesotans in order to shape a new way forward for cities.

Awareness-building videos
The League also produced two videos to engage the city community, policymakers, and the general public in conversations about cities. The videos are designed to reach those people who may not be aware of city service and funding issues and get them thinking and talking.

These videos can create buzz and awareness about the issues cities are facing; we believe they have the potential to be viewed far and wide among residents in our state. You can help make this happen when you:

  • Watch the videos below or on YouTube at
  • Share the video links with your friends, family, neighbors, legislators, and constituents using e-mail, social media, and your city website, newsletter, cable channel, or other city communications
  • Post your comments related to the videos, city services, and funding for those services on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other social media sites

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