About the City Collaboration Lookup Tool

Are you curious about cooperative efforts in other cities? Well, now there is an easy way to find these examples of collaboration with the League’s new online City Collaboration Lookup.

Cities have been collaborating and undertaking cooperative initiatives for a long time, but interest in these efforts has intensified in recent years. While each city’s circumstances are unique, it can certainly be helpful to gain inspiration from other cities. The League’s new City Collaboration Lookup allows users to search for examples of collaborations by city name, service category (e.g., police, parks, housing, sanitation), or both.

Where do the examples come from?
The more than 1,900 examples in the lookup tool’s database come from several sources. On both the 2004 and the 2008 State of the Cities surveys, the League asked member cities to identify cooperative service delivery arrangements in which they participated with other public or private entities. League staff also continually gather collaborative examples covered in media stories or mentioned by city officials on listservs and at LMC events. Examples were collected until December 2016.

I’m searching by service area but don’t see what I’m looking for. How can I find relevant examples?
Examples have been coded into several broad service areas. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask us (see contact info at right)!

I found an exciting idea! How do I learn more?
Although League staff members know about collaborations, they often don’t know many of the details about them. Please contact the city directly to learn more about their process, pros/cons, lessons learned, etc. If an example from your city is short on details, please send us a more robust description and we’ll add it to the Lookup.