About the Civility Lookup Tool

LMC Lookup Tool: Find Out How Other MN Cities Promote Civility

Interested in how other cities have addressed and promoted civility in their communities? The League's new Civility Lookup tool allows users to find examples from cities throughout the state. Examples are organized by steps local governments can take to address civility. For example, users can learn about ways cities have effectively engaged citizens to build support for a project.

Where do the examples come from?
The lookup contains examples gathered from media stories and League surveys, listservs, and events. Examples were collected until December 2016.

I found an exciting idea! How do I learn more?
Although League staff members know about city civility efforts, they often don’t know many of the details about them. Please contact the city directly to learn more about their process, pros/cons, lessons learned, etc. If an example from your city is short on details, please send us a more robust description and we’ll add it to the lookup.