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Participate in the 2014 Salary & Benefits Survey—Deadline
is April 18, 2014!

Log in as Survey Coordinator/Auditor
(Username and password required; see LMC data entry letter mailed March 24, 2014.)

Access the 2013 Salary & Benefits Survey results
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(Username and password required.)

Need a Data Entry Code?
Data entry codes were mailed to the top appointed official (city manager or city clerk) and the chief HR representative (if applicable) for most cities in March. To request a data entry code:

  • Contact Rebecca Hardel
    HR Representative
    (651) 281-1217 or (800) 925-1122
  • A job matching training session, hosted by Waters Consulting Group, was presented on April 10, 2014, to review the importance of job matching, main factors to consider, most common mistakes in job matching, and frequently asked questions.
    View the Job Matching Training presentation slides (ppt)

Need an access code?
You can still access the 2013 survey results through May 12, 2014. Request or purchase an access code by completing a form or contacting League HR staff:

Note: The 2014 results will be released by the beginning of June and new access codes will be mailed at that time. ___________________________________________________________

Highlights of the data entry process:

  • Two parallel wage and benefit websites. Survey coordinators will have the option of updating jobs online or with an Excel file. Coordinators will also have the option to enter individual incumbent data or by position. Employee benefits will need to be updated online. An overview on the two parallel sites was provided by Waters on March 27 and access to the recorded webinar is at the top of this page.
  • Read more FAQs about the 2014 data entry process (pdf)

About the survey

  • This tool allows you to compare the salaries and benefits of your staff to those of other organizations throughout Minnesota.
  • Most Minnesota cities and counties (greater MN and metro area), as well as other public-sector organizations will be included in the 2014 survey.
  • Participation in the survey is required for free access. An annual fee will be charged for non-participating entities or other organizations requesting access.

Your LMC Resource

For questions about the survey:

  • Contact Rebecca Hardel
    HR Representative
    (651) 281-1217 or (800) 925-1122 or
  • Contact Joyce Hottinger
    Assistant HR Director
    (651) 281-1216 or (800) 925-1122 or

    Disclaimer: The League provides the salary survey program to facilitate the exchange of information among elected officials and management of participating organizations. The League program relies on sophisticated methodology and proprietary technology. The League owns the salary survey program and each organization is responsible for its own data. Participating organizations are expected to allow access to elected officials and select management staff only.

Most Popular Resources

  • Budget Guide for Cities (pdf)
    This guide, which contains 2013 legislative changes, is intended to assist city managers, clerks, finance officers, and elected city officials in preparing 2014 city budgets. It includes state and federal laws affecting city budgets, information about standard city expenditure items, descriptions of city revenues, and more.
  • Meetings of City Councils (pdf)
    Learn the ins and outs of city council meetings, including types of meetings, the Open Meeting Law, notice requirements, scheduling, attendance, minutes, procedure, motions, and model bylaws. Especially helpful for newly elected officials, but a great reference for all mayors and city councilmembers.
  • Public Purpose Expenditures (pdf)
    Find out the general criteria a public expenditure must meet to be valid. This publication includes discussion of specific expenditures and whether there is specific authority for cities to make them.