Risk Management

Highlights of This Section

LMCIT announces 2016-2017 coverage changes, rates, and the dividend

The LMCIT Board of Trustees has approved premium rates and several coverage changes for the coming year. LMCIT will also return the largest dividend ever to property/casualty program members.

New LMCIT Member Center being rolled out to members

Members of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) will be able to access claims online in the all-new LMCIT Member Center, beginning with property/casualty information. Over the next several months, members will receive an email indicating that the LMCIT Member Center account is accessible and with instructions for how to log in.

League offers body-worn cameras memo and model policy

Body-worn cameras, often called body cams, are a recent addition to the law enforcement toolkit. While the camera operation may be simple, storage, classification, and retrieval of the recorded data has proven to be more challenging. With the help of several partnering organizations and entities, the League now offers a model body cam policy and the accompanying information memo, Use of Body-Worn Cameras, to provide guidance on these issues.

Check out LMCIT's public safety risk management blog

Rob Boe, Public Safety Project Coordinator with LMCIT, writes a blog entitled On the Line, created to open up more communication on responder safety. As part of the loss control program, Boe researches the causes of public safety losses, develops new programs to reduce losses, and launches new efforts to keep public safety workers safe on the job. Before coming to the League, he worked for nearly 40 years in public safety as both a peace officer and firefighter.

Read LMCIT's public works blog

LMCIT now has a blog specifically for city public works professionals and the challenges you encounter. You will find tools to help you do your job safely while faced with budget cuts and rising demands. This blog is a place to gather expertise, tips, and best practices, all while getting it out to others in the field in real time.

Borrow videos through the LMCIT Video Library

LMCIT members can borrow free videos on a variety of risk management, safety, and loss control issues. The library includes more than 250 videos!

Land Use Incentive Program helps cities save

The Land Use Incentive Program rewards Property/Casualty program member cities that successfully complete online training about land use. Qualifying member cities earn a savings of as much as $3,750 per land use claim.

Sanitary Sewer Incentive Program provides savings

The Sanitary Sewer Incentive program for Property/Casualty members provides cities greater control in the mandatory, out-of-pocket deductibles they pay for claims and lawsuits related to sanitary sewer backups. The program is meant to reduce the overall cost and frequency of sanitary sewer claims faced by members of the Trust. Members of the Property/Casualty program must meet four criteria to qualify.