Topic: Public Safety

Freight Rail Safety Discussed at League and State Capitol

(Published Mar 24, 2014)

A bill was introduced that would require the Department of Public Safety to carry out preparedness activities related to railroad and pipeline spills and discharge.

Fireworks Expansion Bill Introduced in Senate

(Published Mar 3, 2014)

The bill would allow aerial and audible fireworks to be purchased and used between June 1 and July 7 each year.

Controlled Substances and Synthetic Drugs Committee Releases Report

(Published Feb 3, 2014)

The committee was directed to hold interim hearings to examine drug abuse issues and recommend legislation to combat the spread of the sale of synthetic drugs.

Cities Receive Favorable Driver’s License Data Ruling

(Published Nov 25, 2013)

The judge ruled there was a lack of evidence that access was improper, and also applied a statute of limitations of four years from the time the driver’s license information was accessed.