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Let's Talk

Let’s Talk: A Primer on the State Environmental Review Process

A discussion with Kate Frantz, environmental review program lead with the environmental quality board.

Let's Talk: The Ins and Outs of the OSA

A discussion with Rebecca Otto, the Minnesota state auditor.

Let's Talk: Building Connections the ‘Nice Bike’ Way

A discussion with Mark Scharenbroich, speaker and author of the book “Nice Bike”

Let's Talk: Safety First—Review Helps City Reduce Risk

A discussion with Adam Nafstad, city administrator, public works director, and city engineer with Albertville.

Let's Talk: Changing Perspectives—From City Hall to State Capitol

A discussion with Rep. Jeff Howe (R-Rockville) and Rep. Shannon Savick (DFL-Wells).

Let's Talk: Minnesota GreenStep Cities: Improving Sustainability One Step at a Time

A discussion with Philipp Muessig, GreenStep Cities program coordinator with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Let's Talk: What’s Up with LGA Reform?

A discussion with Eric Willette, property tax research director with the Department of Revenue.

Let's Talk: Staying on the Right Side of the Open Meeting Law

Cities often have questions about the Open Meeting Law, which requires city councils and other governmental bodies to hold their meetings in public, with a few exceptions. Attorney Tim Kuntz sheds some light on the topic.

Let's Talk: City Dilemma—Granting Shoreland Variances

Cities must make sure to follow state law when issuing variances for shoreland properties. Dan Petrik, land use specialist with the Department of Natural Resources, sheds some light on this topic.