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Water, Water Everywhere: Get the Funds to Protect It

More than 1,200 projects have been funded through the Legacy Act.

Celebrating City Champions

Meet the 2014 C.C. Ludwig and Leadership award winners—Dave Kleis and Tom Harmening.

2014 Property Tax Report

After years of decline, cities are starting to see some increase in property values.

2014 Annual Conference in Review: The Future Looks Bright

See photos from the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) 2014 Annual Conference, “Shaping the Future."

More Ways Cities Show Love for Veterans

Monuments and memorials are among the most common ways for cities to honor veterans and express gratitude for the great sacrifices they have made.

Cities Honor Veterans

Cities across Minnesota honor veterans through memorials, special services, and more.

Diversify Revenues With Franchise Fees

Franchise fees are an often overlooked alternative for Minnesota cities to diversify their revenue streams.

Interviewing for Emotional Intelligence

Many organizational psychologists and management experts agree that trying to select for emotional intelligence through the interviewing process can be a smart way to hire.

Engaging Future City Leaders

Many Minnesota cities have taken steps to get their teenage residents involved in city government.

City Branding: Keep It Emotionally True

Emotional truth feels different from technical truth or marketing spin.

Creating Vibrant 21st Century Cities

Explore trends and learn strategies to help build strong, vibrant 21st century cities at this year's Annual Conference.

Lessons in FLSA Wage and Overtime Laws

Mosquito Heights Mayor Buzz Olson learns about payroll practices for public safety employees.

Tips for Successful Government Collaboration

Drive government innovation with collaborative solutions.

Parks & Rec For All!

You might be surprised about how you can improve accessibility to programs and facilities without breaking the budget.

Technology Trends: ‘BYOD’ and the City

cities need to find solutions to "BYOD" that will protect them from liability while still allowing employees the flexibility and access that they’re asking for.

Local Governance Made Easy

Ask the right questions while in office and build a solid foundation from which to defend your decisions.

The Freedom of Responsibility

When Maplewood officials took the lead on a major transportation project, they realized multiple benefits.

Legislators’ Perspectives On the State-City Partnership

The financial viability of Minnesota cities relies on a strong relationship with the state.

New Funding Source for City Streets

The League-sponsored legislation for street improvement district authority would provide a funding mechanism that is fair.

Transportation Funding: We Need Some New Ideas

Entering the 2014 legislative session, the state will be looking for innovative ideas for new sources of transportation funding.

Centennial Corner: LMC's 'Mayor for a Day' Essay Contest

If the League of Minnesota Cities’ (LMC) “Mayor for a Day” essay contest is any indication, the future of Minnesota’s cities is in good hands!

State Building Code Considerations for Cities

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of adopting Minnesota's State Building Code.

Seeking to Restore Civility

Remember the days when people said “please” and “thank you”? That kind of civility seems to be a thing of the past in government, including at city council meetings. But many Minnesota cities and the League are working to bring it back.

LMC Centennial Year in Review

The League of Minnesota Cities’ (LMC) centennial year is winding down, but before we launch into the next 100 years, let’s take a step back and look at all the fun and interesting ways we celebrated this milestone.

5 Labor Arbitration Trends Worth Noting

Check out the League’s Arbitration Award Summaries database at

Taking Flight: Good Plans for Great City Airports

City airport owners need a plan for their airport that supports and complements community growth, and identifies a proper sequence for future airport projects.

League Honors City Leaders

The 2013 C.C. Ludwig and Leadership Awards were presented to Independence Mayor Marvin Johnson and Shoreview Finance Director Jeanne Haapala.

Centennial Celebration Highlights

Photos capture special moments from the Centennial Celebration held June 19 at the Union Depot in St. Paul.

2013 Property Tax Report

The 21st annual property tax report reviews recent market value and tax capacity trends, as well as current property tax policy issues.

Balancing Rights to Street Right of Ways

When it comes to balancing the city’s rights with the rights of residents who own property along a street, things can sometimes get complicated.

Funding Stormwater Management

Finding a stormwater funding strategy that can sustain public support in your community is critical.

Stormwater Reuse and Beyond

Water reuse facilities will become a cost-effective means to manage stormwater runoff and protect our groundwater resources.

Cities Take On the Foreclosure Crisis

Some municipalities, dealing with “foreclosure fatigue,” are creating proactive policies to address the problem.

Centennial Corner: LMC Research—Answering Your Questions for 100 Years

For 100 years and counting, Research greatly values your questions and requests for information. Keep calling, writing, and emailing us.

Navigating Health Care Reform

If you’re a large employer under PPACA, you need to make some decisions now to avoid “pay or play” penalties.

Sidebar: One City’s Health Care Reform Journey

Apple Valley is a large employer under PPACA, and city leaders have been getting ready to comply with the new law for some time.

Sidebar: Top Five Questions for Elected Officials

Cities need to consider these questions as they prepare for health care reform.

Everyone’s Included: Cultural Competency in Public Administration

Taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach to policy development means that some parts of the public are excluded from the public good.

Rebuilding Minnesota's Recovery

As the recession’s grip starts to loosen, city officials across Minnesota are cautiously optimistic about the emerging yet fragile recovery.

Centennial Corner: The LMC Annual Conference—Then and Now

What one League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) service is mandated by its constitution? The annual conference! Learn about some of the annual conferences the League has had over the last 100 years.

City of Austin Shines New Light on ‘Green’ Efforts

New lighting at Riverside Arena is just one of many things the Austin City Council has done to show that environmental responsibility and efficiency are ongoing priorities.

Sidebar: Why Attend the League’s Annual Conference?

St. Anthony Village Mayor Jerry Faust discusses the many reasons for attending the LMC Annual Conference.

Sidebar: Is Your Comprehensive Plan in Need of an Update?

As the state’s economy continues to recover from the recession, it may be a good idea for cities to revisit their comprehensive plans and ordinances to make sure those documents are still realistic.