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As I See It

As I See It: The Importance of Elected Office November 2014

The quality of elected leadership does matter—not only in emergencies, but in our day-to-day lives.

As I See It: The Danger of Role Confusion September 2014

Understanding your role on the city team can prevent dysfunction before it starts.

As I See It: Authentic Leadership July 2014

Leadership theories can introduce a lack of authenticity and distract from one's values.

As I See It: Why People’s View of Government Matters May 2014

National survey results can inform local government's actions.

As I See It: What Symbols Are We Creating? March 2014

The actions of everyone in local government are symbols that collectively form the identity and reputation of their organization.

As I See It: You Do Get What You Pay For January 2014

Local governments require the same level—if not more—expertise as any private-sector organization of comparable size.

As I See It: What’s Happened to Civility? November 2013

Local government office is not a license to carry out a personal agenda. It is an obligation to always act in the best interest of those who live and work in our communities.

As I See It: Pride Still Matters September 2013

Employees in the public sector must constantly be aware that how they conduct their jobs contributes to the public’s attitude about and confidence in their governments.

As I See It: The Difference Between Equality and Equity July 2013

One of the most daunting challenges for all governments is determining when everyone should be treated equally and when they should not.

As I See It: Who Will Replace Us? May 2013

One of our most important challenges must be cultivating the next generation of city officials.