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Many cities complete a codification of their ordinances into one city code. Because ordinances have the force of law, their form is important. Cities should always consult an attorney when preparing and adopting ordinances.

LMC Codification Services
The League, with its codification consultant American Legal Publishing Corporation, offers codification services to cities.

City Codes
Ordinances from more than 50 Minnesota cities are available on the American Legal Publishing Corporation (ALP) web site. These cities adopted their ordinances through the League's customized city codes service. Codes may be searched by city or subject area.

LMC Model Ordinances
The League has prepared or collected ordinances on various subjects affecting Minnesota cities. Before adopting any ordinance provided here, a city should always review it with its attorney to adapt it to the city’s specific circumstances. Because provisions in these ordinances have implications on state statutes and state and federal constitutional rights, the city attorney should review any modifications to ensure they conform to current state law and legal decisions.


Most Popular Resources

  • Budget Guide for Cities (pdf)
    This guide, which contains 2014 legislative changes, is intended to assist city managers, clerks, finance officers, and elected city officials in preparing 2015 city budgets. It includes state and federal laws affecting city budgets, information about standard city expenditure items, descriptions of city revenues, and more.
  • Meetings of City Councils (pdf)
    Learn the ins and outs of city council meetings, including types of meetings, the Open Meeting Law, notice requirements, scheduling, attendance, minutes, procedure, motions, and model bylaws. Especially helpful for newly elected officials, but a great reference for all mayors and city councilmembers.
  • Public Purpose Expenditures (pdf)
    Find out the general criteria a public expenditure must meet to be valid. This publication includes discussion of specific expenditures and whether there is specific authority for cities to make them.