Cities Matter

Cities Matter is a campaign designed to raise awareness of city services and their direct contribution to Minnesota’s quality of life; to help citizens understand how truly important cities are in their daily lives.

The Cities Matter website is, and it is updated regularly with new information. The site invites Minnesotans to consider the variety of city services they use every day. The League is excited about this effort to highlight the great services cities provide to citizens. Together we will work to see that residents make the connection between city services and the quality of life we all cherish.

What would our cities look like if kids were in charge?
Find out by having students you know take part in the 2017 Mayor for a Day Essay Contest! Open to Minnesotans who will be in the 4th, 5th, or 6th grades this school year, entries must be handwritten and postmarked by Oct. 13. Three winners will be chosen and awarded $100, as well as have their essays published in Minnesota Cities magazine. Winners only will be notified by Dec. 1, 2017.

View the entry form (pdf)

Cities Matter on social media
Follow Cities Matter on Twitter and Facebook, and visit the Cities Matter blog for news and updates about Minnesota cities.

For city officials—Cities Matter activity available for events in your city
At previous Minnesota State Fair exhibits, we have invited visitors to be a "city bean counter.” Each person is given a six-bean budget, but had to make tough decisions in spending it on eight services that most Minnesota cities provide. Many who have tried the activity feel it is difficult to choose between clean water and senior services, or libraries and fire protection. The display is available for use at events in your city. Contact Don Reeder, LMC, at (651) 215-4031 or to reserve it for your upcoming event.

See a video of past fairgoers talking about taking the six-bean budget challenge

For teachers and students—coloring book about city clerk shows kids
what cities do

Molly Meets the City Clerk” is a coloring book developed as part of the Cities Matter effort to help kids understand what cities do. You could host a coloring contest, hand them out at events and forums, or just have them around at city hall for a children’s activity.

Find more coloring pages and read about resources for teachers and kids on the Cities Matter website