Sewer Toolkit Public Educational Materials

Sewer Toolkit Public Education Materials will help the property owner understand the key role they play in preventing sanitary sewer backups. Public education pieces including sample newsletter articles, utility billing stuffers and suggested web content have been developed for your city’s use. These items inform property owners of their responsibilities when using the city’s sewer system as well as what they should do in the event of a sewer backup.

Each document is listed below in the order in which it appears in the Table of Contents, and each document includes a cover sheet to help separate the documents when printed and placed in a 3-ring binder. It is recommended that sections be divided by a tab to make easier use of the Sewer Toolkit when it is bound. The Table of Contents, acknowledgments and dividers are in the "Introduction" section of the online Sewer Toolkit.

Sewer Toolkit Collection: Public Education Materials
Download the complete chapter here or individual public education materials below.

Individual Public Education Materials

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