Safety Assistance Programs provide participants in the Regional Safety Groups Initiative and the OSHA/Safety Assistance program with access to subsidized safety audits, one-on-one consulting, customized training, and free web-based training. LMCIT partners with the Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association (MMUA) to deliver these services.

  • Safety Audits
    Safety audits provide accurate feedback about your current level of safety management efforts. Through audits, your city receives strategic recommendations for improving workplace safety. Audits can also help you identify and establish reasonable safety goals. The cost for safety audits is shared equally between your city and LMCIT (costs vary). LMCIT will invoice your city for its share of the cost.
  • One-on-One Consulting
    Participating cities receive one hour of free consulting with qualified safety experts per safety issue. Experts can answer technical questions, give guidance on program development and implementation, expand on topics or clarify information covered at safety meetings, and provide general safety coaching. Contact MMUA safety experts at (800) 422-0119 or
  • Free Web-Based Safety Courses
    Participants in this program get free access to a web-based training program endorsed by the National Safety Council. The program includes written information, questions and answers, scoring, and a supervisory tool that lets you keep track of your employees' progress. Training topics include:
    • Back injury prevention
    • Bloodborne pathogens
    • Confined space entry
    • Defensive driving
    • Electrical safety
    • Ergonomics for the office
    • Fire safety
    • Hazard communication
    • Ladder safety
    • Lift truck safety
    • Lockout/tagout
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Preventing slips, trips, and falls
    • Learn more at FirstNet Learning

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