Updated Public Nuisance Memo Available from the League

Is the phone ringing off the hook about someone’s grass being too long? Or someone’s neighbor is having (or had) a party that is too loud? Long grass and noise are two common nuisances cities deal with on a regular basis. Others include animals, smoke, adult use businesses, snow shoveling, and building conditions.

Public nuisances can be a time-consuming task for city staff to deal with. Local law enforcement officials are also often called with complaints—taking them away from other public safety matters.

The League’s recently updated information memo, Public Nuisances, examines tools cities can use to effectively and fairly prevent nuisances or eliminate nuisance conditions when they occur. Some of the memo highlights include:

  • A discussion of the difference between a public and private nuisance.
  • Explanations of some of the most common types of nuisances cities regulate, including weeds, smoke, noise, animals, and more.
  • An evaluation of complaint versus inspection enforcement options.

The memo also includes a sample ordinance to assist cities in regulating these conditions.

View the Public Nuisances memo (pdf)

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