Police-Specific Content

Provision of Police Services Across Minnesota
This report summarizes what the League learned from city officials across the state on how police services are delivered and what changes, if any, have been made over the last 10 years or are planned for the near future.

Civil Standbys
Civil standbys can involve any number of factual scenarios, but the issues that arise are often quite similar. Examining a few of the most common scenarios will provide a solid understanding of civil standbys in general.

72 Hour Emergency Medical Holds: 2012 Update
The Minnesota Commitment and Treatment Act gives peace officers the authority to act as first responders for mental health emergencies, chemical dependency issues, and public intoxication issues.

Solutions for Police Safety
We cannot eliminate police injuries, but one of the ways we can reduce the number and severity of injuries is by focusing on areas where offi cers have control. The control comes in the form of “human ware” rather than hardware.It is not something you buy; it’s a new way of doing business with a focus on safety.